XetaBase 1.4 Release Notes

1. Improvements For the XetaBase 1.4.0 release we have been focussed on improving the testing andreliability of the system, while enabling key customer requirements. Together these help usmove towards providing a fully certified system for clinical use. The key improvements we have made include: 1.1 OpenCGA version 2.6.0 The key functionality we have added includes: […]

Zetta Genomics opens its first international office in Valencia  

The new premises will give the software engineering team a functional space for collaboration and innovation Zetta Genomics has opened its first international office in the Trinitat neighbourhood of Valencia. The investment has been made in response to global demand for big data technology to support the growth of precision medicine. This indsutry is predicted to grow […]

Zetta Genomics appoints director to lead strategic partnerships  

Andy Etheridge joins Zetta Genomics alongside a new Head of Product, tasked to power customer-focused solution development. Zetta Genomics has appointed Andy Etheridge as its Director of Strategic Partnerships.  Liam White has also been brought in as Head of Product, to develop the company’s XetaBase platform in line with the growing data management needs of the genomics and […]

Zetta Genomics opens global headquarters in Cambridge

The team now has a place to collaborate in ‘the heart of the genomics world’ Zetta Genomics has moved into Ravenscroft House, Regent Street, Cambridge, which will now be its global headquarters. The open-plan space covering 1,038 square feet is the Zetta team’s first permanent office in Cambridge, since the company’s inception at the University in […]

Zetta Genomics appoints Mark Bailey as CEO to lead drive for growth  

Previously CEO at Fendix, Mark‘s understanding of the wider medtech industry means he is well-placed to accelerate Zetta’s global momentum.  Zetta Genomics, a pioneer in large-scale genomic data management, has appointed Mark Bailey as its chief executive officer. Bailey has been brought in to lead Zetta’s next phase of growth.   Ludo Chapman, Chair of Zetta Genomics, commented: “We welcome Mark’s […]

Zetta Genomics and the creation of culture

As a new company surges into existence, it is focused on objectives that turn transformational ideas into a successful business. As Zetta Genomics has attracted the investment and partnerships to scale, our People Team is creating a talent structure that will drive innovation, engineering, productisation, marketing, sales and everything in between. We believe, however, that success depends on another […]

XetaBase 1.2 Release Notes

1 What’s new… For the XetaBase 1.2 release we have focused on improving the infrastructure of the system to enable more control of releases and making IVA more functionally complete to aid the research and clinical use of XetaBase.  These improvements and new functionality help us move XetaBase towards being a more holistic and stable […]

OpenCB: an open-source big data platform for genomic data

Earlier this month, our Software Quality Manager, Pablo Marin-Garcia, was in Vienna for the European Society of Human Genetics’ 2022 conference. In addition to attending some enlightening academic sessions, he also presented a poster on some of the latest developments of OpenCB.   What is the OpenCB?  Simply put, OpenCB is an open-source software for analysing genomic data, started in 2012 […]