XetaBase: industry application

Genomic data has the potential to transform research discovery, clinical diagnosis and the effective application of precision medicine. XetaBase unleashes the power of genomic data – across the healthcare provider, biomedical and pharma industries.

XetaBase brings scale, simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness and security – for more powerful research, development and clinical outcomes.


Genomic healthcare

XetaBase streamlines the delivery of precision medicine for healthcare providers – allowing them to overcome genomic challenges and realise genomic potential. Benefits include:

XetaBase provides a pre-validated platform to simplify informatics pipelines – with tests standardising workflow across multiple indications – leading to improved patient outcomes.

XetaBase allows healthcare providers to scale genomic testing efficiently – triaging cases to either clinical geneticists or clinical scientists, depending on case complexity.

Xetabase reinterprets thousands of genomes, encompassing the latest information, to uncover previously unknown diagnoses.

XetaBase allows healthcare providers to identify, based on genotype and phenotype , those patients who would most benefit from clinical trials – increasing effectiveness and improving patient outcomes.


Biomedical research

XetaBase streamlines and simplifies genomic data in the biomedical research environment – placing the power of genomic data into the hands of researchers, wherever they are. Benefits include:

XetaBase allows research to scale seamlessly, replacing thousands of individual VCF files with a single VCF database - developed, tested and proven at the population level within the 100,000 Genomes Project.

XetaBase makes genomic data accessible – built on cloud technologies that bring genomic data to where it’s needed.

XetaBase APIs allow seamless integration with third party platforms, multiplying the power of genomic data.

XetaBase is secure – across database systems and for authentication and permissions.


Pharmaceutical R&D

XetaBase delivers cutting-edge genomic data management that transforms the discovery and development of new therapeutic targets. Benefits include:

XetaBase integrates genomic data from multiple studies to make data interoperable and de-silo discovery.

XetaBase brings disparate data together into a single place, with APIs for bioinformaticians and advanced web applications for analysts.

XetaBase delivers scalable storage, with faster query response times and sophisticated analytics.

XetaBase provides enhanced security management, across databases and for authentication and permissions.

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Let Zetta Genomics unleash the power of your genomic data

Let Zetta Genomics unleash
the power of your genomic data