Zetta Genomics opens global headquarters in Cambridge

The team now has a place to collaborate in ‘the heart of the genomics world’

Zetta Genomics has moved into Ravenscroft House, Regent Street, Cambridge, which will now be its global headquarters. The open-plan space covering 1,038 square feet is the Zetta team’s first permanent office in Cambridge, since the company’s inception at the University in 2017. 

Leanne Elske, Chief People Officer at Zetta Genomics said, “We are big believers in spending time together as a growing team. This investment makes sure that we have a collaborative space which fits into our hybrid working model. 

“Being located in Cambridge reminds us to keep learning and innovating. Cambridge is not only the heart of the genomics world, but also a hub of start-up innovation, and a hotbed of talent. We’re pleased to be putting down more roots in the city where the idea for Zetta was born, as part of the ambitious 100,000 Genomes Project.”

Philip Hamid, DevOps expert and one of the employees who is moving into the space added, “I joined Zetta in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, so it’s amazing to now have an office space where we can connect as a team. I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues in person.”

A small part of the £2.5 million in seed funding which Zetta secured in February this year from Nina Capital, APEX Medical and Cambridge Enterprise was used to finance the move. Post-pandemic, now is the time for Zetta to invest in a physical space that will help it focus on the team’s shared vision for success and growth. 

Zetta’s growing team will use the space to convene and collaborate, as part of a hybrid working approach. Several key departments will be based there including Business Support, Commercial, Product, Bioinformatics, Quality, and the executive team.

The office will also be a base for collaboration with customers and industry partners. Some of the organisations collaborating with Zetta include Genomics England, the NHS Genomic Medicine Service and Microsoft.

Zetta has the ambition to support the democratisation of genomic medicine by providing cost effective solutions for the analysis of genomic data at massive scale. As the cost of sequencing decreases and the ability to analyse whole genomes is more widely used by clinicians, then the ability to manage the vast volumes of data created will become a key concern. Zetta is a pioneer in this field, being a key creator of the database underpinning Genomics England’s’ 100000 Genome project.

Read more about how Zetta is building its company culture in the words of Leanne Elske, Chief People Officer, on the Zetta Genomics blog.