Release Notes

XetaBase 1.7.2 Release Notes

1. Improvements

The XetaBase 1.7.2 release is a patch release focussed on fixing bugs and known issues with the 1.7.1 release, helping us move towards providing a more stable and secure product.

The release did not include any new improvements, it was focussed on fixing a small number of key bugs.

2. Bug Fixes:

There key bug fixes are:

  • Aligning the 1.7.0 main release with bug fixes deployed as part of the 1.6.3 patch release
  • Fixing an issue which caused some error responses to be returned in HTML, when they are expected to be returned in JSON when using Enterprise OpenCGA
  • Ensuring the Analysis configuration folder is automatically copied during installation of the 1.7.0 DevOps version

3. Future Improvements:

Improvements which may come to future XetaBase updates include: 

  • As the 1.8.0 release will shortly be available this is the last expected patch release for the 1.7.x version. If any further issues are identified they will be addressed in a version that is still supported.

Note: Planned improvements are for information purposes and may change subject to Zetta Genomics internal processes.