Release Notes

XetaBase Release Notes

1. Improvements

The XetaBase release is a patch release focussed on fixing some urgent issues that have been identified with the 1.6.3 code.

There have been no improvements included as part of this release, only a small number of fixes to known issues and bugs.

2. Bug Fixes:

There key bug fixes are:

  • Ensuring pedigree diagrams work correctly when being run with multiple disorders which have names containing multiple words
  • Ensuring Exomiser provides the expected results when running for VCFs which contain INDELs and Multiallelic variants

3. Future Improvements:

Improvements which may come to future XetaBase updates include: 

  • As the 1.6.0 release is a Long Term Support version we will continue to release patch versions as we fix key known issues and bugs for the duration of the supported term.
  • We are planning a 1.6.4 and 1.6.5 release at the minimum, these will contain bug fixes for bugs that are identified as being important.
  • Ensuring that the correct library is used when running an HRDetect analysis
  • Ensuring the correct variants are displayed by the variant browser when filtering CNVs by gene/region
  • Ensuring that when a SV catalogue is created it shows the correct count in the signature analysis

Note: Planned improvements are for information purposes and may change subject to Zetta Genomics internal processes.