Release Notes

XetaBase 1.6.2 Release Notes

1. Improvements

The XetaBase 1.6.2 release is a patch release focussed on fixing known issues and bugs identified with the 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 versions. Helping us move towards providing a stable and reliable system.

2. Bug Fixes:

The key bug fixes are:

  • Ensuring when selected the Variant Caller File filters shown in the sample variant browser are correctly passed to the query 
  • Ensuring IVA sets the secure flag when creating cookies to store the OpenCGA session token and user 
  • Ensuring all fields are present and behave as expected when creating a case within IVA 
  • Ensuring that when Exomiser has been run the results are shown in the Exomiser details tab of the Sample Variant browser 
  • Ensuring the configuration for normalisation in CellBase runs correctly 
  • Updating the REST API App in IVA so endpoints with query parameters are called with the parameters provided in the form 
  • Updating the REST API App in IVA so sample, individual, cohort, family and file produce the correct REST call 
  • Updating the REST API APP in IVA to ensure the gene Coverage Stats endpoint includes the field “Genes” 
  • Ensuring modifications are saved when the analyst for an already assigned interpretation is changed 
  • Ensuring when an interpretation is locked the actions are no longer displayed in IVA – Ensuring that in the QC section the any filters set by default are displayed in the filter list view 
  • Ensuring the updated samples are called after a partial deletion has occurred, by stopping the system looking unindexed samples

3. Future Improvements:

Improvements which may come to future XetaBase updates include: 

  • We will continue to fix known issues and bugs for the 1.6 major release in further patch releases.


Note: Planned improvements are for information purposes and may change subject to Zetta Genomics internal processes.