Release Notes

XetaBase 1.5.0 Release Notes

1. Improvements: 

For the XetaBase 1.5.0 release we have continued to focus on the reliability and scalability of the XetaBase system and have enabled some key improvements on IVA. As part of the 1.5.0 release, XetaBase has also been certified as DCB0129 Compliant. 

The key improvements we have made include: 

  • Upgraded the MongoDB version to 6.0.4 
  • Optimised the software 
  • Removed unused API endpoints 
  • Optimised the Infrastructure setup 
  • Continued to improve Unit testing 
  • Reviewed and updated existing tests 
  • Increased the unit test coverage 


1.1 OpenCGA version 2.7.0 

Added key functionality includes: 

  • Extended the data model to also allow for multiple data points to be provided for: 
  • Extended the data model to also allow for multiple data points to be provided for:
    • Mode of Inheritance
    • Role in Cancer
  • Removed deprecated endpoints for creating users
  • Reviewed and updated the Unit tests for OpenCGA

1.2 CellBase version 5.3.0

Added key functionality includes:

  • Updated the MongoDB version to 6.0.4
  • Reviewed and updated the Unit tests for CellBase


1.3 IVA version 2.7.0

Added key functionality includes:

  • Improved clinical filtering:
    • Increased HPO terms filtering
    • More specific filtering for Mode of Inheritance and Role in Cancer
  • Increased the usability of IVA to allow pop ups to be moved to see the information underneath
  • Implemented a first version of the protein lollipop visualisation in the genome browser
  • Increased the unit test coverage of the IVA code


2. Bug Fixes:

The key bug fixes are:

  • Ensured the button to add ACMG criteria on the variant evidence pop up functions correctly
  • Resolved a NullPointerException error by ensuring the system has correct access when loading a VCF


3. Future Improvements:

Improvements which may come to future XetaBase updates include:

  • Ability to configure IVA from the IVA admin view
  • Ability to use privately licensed data for annotations with CellBase
  • More visible audit data for CellBase version and Data Version used for a case Updating third party software:
    • Latest version of Exomiser
    • Additional reference data such as Pharmacogenomic data
  • Increased test coverage to ensure the stability after code changes
  • Initial implementation of Single Sign On functionality


Note: Planned improvements are for information purposes and may change subject to Zetta Genomics internal processes.