Release Notes

XetaBase 1.2.14 Release Notes

1. Improvements: 

The XetaBase 1.2.14 release is a Patch release focussed on fixing bugs found in the 1.2 version of XetaBase. The majority of the bugs are focused on either IVA or OpenCGA and improve the quality of the product.


2. Bug Fixes:

The key bug fixes are:

  • Ensured that filters are not cleared when changing tabs in the sample variant browser
  • Ensured that when a Disorder is provided, the Disorder Field is correctly populated in the Quality Control section of the interface
  • Updated the way the Compound Heterozygous variant query is run to remove potential errors
  • Added the attributes as an editable field to ensure changes are saved when it is updated
  • Stopped the indexing of large datasets failing by optimising how the jobs run
  • Ensured the Sample Variant Browser in the Sample Browser action redirects correctly
  • Ensured that running Exomiser works when using a custom workspace directory
  • Ensured the quality filter “PASS” is not removed when adding additional filters in the variant browser, as it caused the filters to fail
  • Ensured the Index Column in the File Browser correctly displays information when available
  • Ensured that for Cancer cases the Germline Small Variants and Germline rearrangement variants tabs display correctly in the interpretation review section