XetaBase 1.4.0 Release Notes

1. Improvements For the XetaBase 1.4.0 release we have been focussed on improving the testing andreliability of the system, while enabling key customer requirements. Together these help usmove towards providing a fully certified system for clinical use. The key improvements we have made include: 1.1 OpenCGA version 2.6.0 The key functionality we have added includes: […]

XetaBase 1.2.0 Release Notes

1 What’s new… For the XetaBase 1.2.0 release we have focused on improving the infrastructure of the system to enable more control of releases and making IVA more functionally complete to aid the research and clinical use of XetaBase.  These improvements and new functionality help us move XetaBase towards being a more holistic and stable […]

XetaBase 1.1.0 Release Notes

1 What’s new… For the XetaBase 1.1.0 release, we have been focused on making major improvements to the panel searches which means we are able to more quickly return results and enable large panels to be used to search. We have continued to add new reference data and have improved the usability of both the […]