Architecting the future of predictive genomics – a blueprint for technology

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash including technology

This blog is the third in a series from Zetta Genomics CEO, Mark Bailley, on the opportunities of predictive medicine. Parts one and two looked at health systems and economies, and public education. Part three turns to the challenges of technology. Genomics has the potential to deliver predictive medicine that democratises healthcare, creates viable health […]

Four key challenges to address when building a genome-optimised analysis platform

In January, our Lead Bioinformatics Consultant at Zetta Genomics, Marta Bleda Latorre, was at Festival of Genomics 2023

Over the past ten years, there has been explosive growth in the sheer quantity of human genomic data. The first human genome was sequenced in 2003, following more than a decade of international scientific cooperation and a total cost of over $3 billion. By 2010 over a thousand genomes had been sequenced (thanks in no […]

Zetta Genomics and the creation of culture

As a new company surges into existence, it is focused on objectives that turn transformational ideas into a successful business. As Zetta Genomics has attracted the investment and partnerships to scale, our People Team is creating a talent structure that will drive innovation, engineering, productisation, marketing, sales and everything in between. We believe, however, that success depends on another […]

OpenCB: an open-source big data platform for genomic data

Earlier this month, our Software Quality Manager, Pablo Marin-Garcia, was in Vienna for the European Society of Human Genetics’ 2022 conference. In addition to attending some enlightening academic sessions, he also presented a poster on some of the latest developments of OpenCB.   What is the OpenCB?  Simply put, OpenCB is an open-source software for analysing genomic data, started in 2012 […]