Biomedical Research

Genomic medicine will affect us all, impacting on health outcomes for entire populations. However legacy technologies cannot deliver population-scale genomic medicine. With traditional file-based approaches, aggregated VCF files must be split into multiple files.

Enhance researcher engagement, empower collaboration and improve insights.

  • Scalability: 1000s of “sliced and diced” VCF files replaced with a single VCF database “Proven for 100,000 genomes, engineered for millions” 
  • Accessibility: researchers can access the data via web technologies from anywhere
  • Integration: APIs enabling integration with third party platforms
  • Security: Better security management with database systems over file systems; authentication and permissions

Trusted research environment Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership

OpenCB provides access for over 2,000 researchers to genomic information including:

  • 100 k genomes, 1B genomic variants, 100 T genotype
  • Integrated with 10 Tb reference data from over 20 sources
  • Plus deep phenotype data for project participants
  • Enabling rapid query by genotype/phenotype

Benefit for scientists: faster and more easily interpretable results 

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